Career Transitions

Are you experiencing work related difficulties?

Have you recently lost your job or are you looking for a new job?

Are you overwhelmed and a bit hopeless about your career situation?

Do you suffer mentally, emotionally and perhaps physically from your job?

Have you grown bored with your current job?

Do you feel confused about what steps to take to make a career change?

Are you struggling to survive in a toxic work environment?

Are damaging relationships at work starting to impact upon your personal life?

Are you finding it challenging to balance work and family?

If any of this sound familiar, you’re not alone. Many people experience work dissatisfaction and struggle to navigate through toxic work environments or to manage negative work relationships. If you have experienced unexpected job loss or redundancy, this may leave you feeling out of control, anxious, scared about your future, and directionless. We will help you to recognise that you have your own unique strengths, values, motivators, lifestyle needs and experience, which will lead to a ‘right fit’ career path for you.

Our Psychologists will help you to shift your view of your career and working life, and to ensure that you find a satisfying and purposeful career path. Our career needs vary as we transition through life changes, and it is important understand that our career paths are neither stagnant nor linear.


Counselling can help you to:

✓ Gain greater self-awareness

✓ Identify career options and make a career change

✓ Cope with redundancy and job loss

✓ Explore self employment options

✓ Achieve greater work-life balance

✓ Work through barriers to change including fear, lack of knowledge, lack of direction, and feelings of helplessness

✓ Re-evaluate your work identity when you re-enter the workforce after parental leave, redundancy or a career break
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